Dr. Colin Selby Shortlisted for the British Psychological Society - Division of Occupational Psychology-Practitioner of the Year Award 2010.

In the finals he was the highest placed non-public sector entry for work undertaken by Selby & Mills integrating candidate profiles with prospective job opportunities on a major Job Board. 

The award was for a project undertaken with totaljobs.com
Totaljobs is the UK’s largest online recruitment service provider. Their audience is in the 18-45 age range and a large peortion of their visitors are graduates.

The decision was made to offer no-cost careers Advice to Graduands and Graduates and the organisation has worked with Colin Selby of Selby & Mills to develop and provide a two-tier service for this purpose. The initial completion of the online questionnaire results in the person being able to view a short Careers Advice report, which concludes with some career recommendations. These may be used, via a click-through using key words, to access current employer vacancies on the Totaljobs database, which contains up to 83000 vacancies at any one time.

If the person registers on the Totaljobs site as a user, they can then view a full Careers Advice report, which offers a wider range of careers which are likely to be of interest to the person, based on their responses to the questionnaire. The click-through facility is also available in this area of the service. With the person’s permission, their data is retained and they are notified of subsequent job opportunities which are received from employers and which ‘fit’ their competency profile, as they occur.

A contact number to support people who want to discuss their report is available as a back-up to the service, also at no cost. 

Benefits achieved were:-

  1. This innovative combination of features was used as a means of attracting Graduates to register on the Totaljobs site and use the services offered on the site and has been hugely successful.
  2. The consequence of a large database of graduates has been to increase business with employers, who place vacancies on the site. Employers conduct over 23000 searches of the site each week.
  3. These two things have helped to Totaljobs to become the number 1 recruitment website in the UK, based on volume and candidate registrations.
  4. The one-touch automated keyword search facility, which links  Job and Career recommendations in the Careers Advice report to current relevant vacancies in the Totaljobs database. This facility dramatically speeds up and enhances the user experience on the site and helps provide an accurate match between the person , their preferred job/career and current vancancies. Totaljobs never says that those are the only roles they should consider, of course, but it does help their graduate jobseekers to target their ambitions and they have had great feedback on that and on the reports in general.

Quote from Stephen Desmond - the client:

‘It's genuinely tremendous that we are able to deliver true value back to our graduate jobseekers, particularly in these times where it's so tough for them in the job market. Through the Selby & Mills product and Colin’s continuing support and innovation we are able to help our graduate jobseekers channel their efforts through giving them real clarity on their skills, behaviours and competencies, and then matching them with the most appropriate job opportunities. It also really helps our recruiters because it means we are focusing jobseekers on applying for the roles most relevant to them, so they get high quality candidates on a consistent basis’.

Selby & Mills have worked on extending the service as outlined above with other clients and it appears to be particularly relevant to the Graduate setting. The candidate would provide informed consent for the release of their competency data to named employers, and the employer would obtain a listing of those Graduates who match their competency profile, in rank order. Employers would then continue with their current recruitment and selection process.