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Are you thinking about starting a business? Or improving an existing one? If so, this is the book for you! Comprehensive, practical, and full of common-sense advice, this is not 'just another book on starting up' but a step-by-step guide covering the most important aspects of starting a business - whether a retail shop, franchising, setting up in consultancy/freelance, or buying a business. Marketing, selling, business planning and keeping the cash coming in. An essential start-up guide.

First published in 1991 this unique guide to setting up on your own has been completely rewritten in 2003 taking into account suggestions from readers of previous editions and all of the tax and legal changes that have occurred.

This book has been produced for people considering
establishing their own-businesses. It's aim is to set out most of the key issues, to widen the reader's perspective, to give you a more reasoned and balanced look at your own ideas, to make you wiser, and to enable you to ask more pertinent questions of more people. I hope the advice you receive is realistic, the information relevant, and that it gives you more confidence to face the exciting challenge ahead.

Versions are available taking into account the differences in the tax and legal positions in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Some reader comments:-

Senior project management/consultancy executive - now established in own consultancy
I found 'So you want to start your own business?' a very useful and comprehensive guide covering not only the practical aspects of setting up your own business, but also the psychological and motivational aspects which are equally important but so often overlooked. It was particularly useful when I decided to set up my own consultancy business. It took me step-by-step through the legal and administrative aspects of establishing the business, provided useful, practical templates and guidelines for managing the business, and also provided strong direction in marketing and selling the services. It was obviously written by someone with a great deal of practical experience in the field who understood all of the potential pitfalls and issues that would be faced.

Senior IT executive - starting out in consultancy
Overall my assessment is of a very practical book written from personal experience and the experiences of the author's clients. It's easy to read and chock-a-block full of common sense advice based on a good dose of practical experience. It should sell well. As to how much to sell it for? I could pass you back your own advice about not under-valuing the product but I don't think that's what you are looking for. I recommend around the US$30.00 mark, say US$29.95.

Senior finance professional in business
Following our phone call this morning, I am writing to confirm the comments I made about the book. Having read it, I wasn't expecting to be surprised by its contents. However I was surprised at just how many issues raised, particularly in the marketing section, struck a chord with me. I've been in practice for 32 years and a partner for 18 years and I tend to take marketing for granted. However I was particularly struck by the number of points that arose which reminded me that with some simple steps, I could re-invigorate my own marketing activities. I was also impressed with how practical an approach the book takes in an area which is overblown with theory.

Civil servant - on becoming a consultant in private sector
Truly an eye-opener and a wake-up call. I had mistakenly thought that becoming a sole trader offering consultancy in a field I know well would require little or no effort. I was wrong. This book has helped me understand what I need to do, and what I don't need to do, as well as how to do it or from where I can get further advice. It's made me fully aware of the risks etc, but not so as to make it frightening!

Software designer - becoming an independent
This book is much more than the usual texts and on-line information. There are a number of aspects which make it extremely useful and stand out from the crowd.
The information is available in one place, It is very readable and as importantly, understandable. It is much more than the usual vague generic information. The format is logical with information easy to find. Checklists and worksheets are included. Of particular interest was the section on tax.
I have read a number of books and attended a number of courses on setting up your own business. Initially I thought is 'just another book' on the subject. But as I read I wanted to read more. This is not 'just' another book on how to set up your business,

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